"I attended the Institute for Integrated Healing school  and  am now an Alternative Healing Practitioner. I have known Lisa for 29 years and I trust her practices. The healing I received personally has been incredible and on a deeper level then ever before. Lisa is passionate about helping others and I have been given the tools to keep my body in check, keep the energy flowing, and to know when my chakras are off.  When I become an open channel to help others, I receive healing as well and become more grounded and my purpose here on earth is more evident to me. My thinking is on a much broader plane now and I would encourage anyone interested in deep personal healing or someone interested in helping others achieve optimal spiritual health to enroll and commit to Lisa's school. Lisa is a passionate, dedicated, and compassionate spiritual healer who has the desire to reach all who are hurting or who wish to help others."
- S.S., Houston, TX


"I attended Lisa's school for Healing and Spiritual development and graduated with the ability to perform chakra healings at the end of three years training. The first two years we went through each chakra, learning the importance of clearing and healing through our own personal revelations. The group members offered feedback and support in a very honest and loving environment. Although I am a licensed counselor and use the training to provide clients with chakra healings, the school was almost more beneficial to me personally. Going through each chakra and diving deep into personal history, learning more about my strengths and weaknesses, opening up emotionally, and being vulnerable all enabled me to be a better mother, wife, friend, and professional. I highly recommend Lisa's school for your personal or professional growth."
- L.K., Brenham, TX

"Through Lisa's skillful application of traditional psychotherapy with the immensely powerful addition of chakra healing, I was able to process and eventually heal the grief of losing my son in 2009. When I learned that Lisa was starting a school to teach chakra healing, my response was immediate and absolute; I would study with Lisa and learn all there was to know about healing the chakras. The gift that this healing modality had been for me, I would be able to return in kind. Lisa taught us how to weave right brain perception with left brain thinking in understanding how the chakras can become unbalanced and unhealthy and what it takes to restore the chakras to balance and well being. This knowledge is something I use daily and will continue to use throughout my life. I cannot overstate the positive impact that attending the Institute for Integrated Healing has had on my life."
- S.J., New Ulm, TX


"My experience with chakra healings began when I was on the receiving end of chakra healing sessions with Lisa. I was impressed by the positive lasting effects on my life and wanted to know more so I signed up for her school. Lisa's gentle yet strong guidance in her teachings of each chakra along with the activities and homework deepened my appreciation for this mode of healing. As a 2016 graduate, I am now getting my own practice started and am grateful to be able to share with others the teachings I have learned from Lisa."
-L.S., Marble Falls, TX

"If you don't know the kind of person I am and I don't know the kind of person you are, a pattern that others made may prevail in the world and following the wrong god home, we may miss our star."  
-William Stafford